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TSC has developed test solutions for a number of industries across many diverse fields. We have created real-time, closedloop control systems requiring reliable software and hardware safety features. Our engineers design, build, test and sell RF mixer and modulator components. We have developed highly precise, calibrated, lab measurement solutions for research labs.

Many of our designs are fully ruggedized systems capable of functioning in military and industrial environments. We support our customers in providing everything from software widgets to integrated test boxes to turnkey rack-mounted and test bench solutions.


TestForge is a test management solution for designing and implementing tests for multiple Units Under Test (UUTs) over the life of a test bench. TestForge allows you to easily update obsolete hardware, modify test routines, and manage calibration requirements without recompiling the system.

SILAS – Battery and Power Test Systems

TSC has extensive experience in the creation of battery & power test systems. This includes designing, building, and deploying full test solutions to simulate a wide variety of real-world scenarios. Through analysis of your key requirements we design systems to…

LabVIEW Test Solutions

TSC is a National Instruments (NI) Alliance Member and has been developing LabVIEW solutions for over 15 years. On staff at our Indiana office we have two Certified LabVIEW Architects (CLA), a Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), and a NI Certified Professional Instructor (CPI). Through our strong relationships with NI technical staff we have extensive knowledge of NI hardware and software capabilities.
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