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Precision Weapons

Subsystems to enhance the performance of precision weapon systems.

We specialize in Radio Frequency (RF) sensors that provide guidance information and precision detonation timing for lethal and non-lethal effects. This includes missile seekers, proximity sensors, datalinks, control assemblies, test systems, and support for integration and test activities to ensure success from the laboratory to the field.


Precision tracking and targeting for advanced munitions. TSC sensors adapt munitions like COYOTE to be low-cost C-UAS effectors

Proximity Sensors

Enhanced lethality and precision of existing weapon systems. TSC technologies provide enhanced precision strike, area effects, Counter UAS (C-UAS) Counter Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM), counter defilade and alternative warhead capabilities.


TSC’s proximity sensor technology is capable of supporting air-to-air proximity, ground target Height of Burst, or multi-mode Air-to-Air Height of Burst (A-HOB) missions

Mission Experience

From rapid development through integration and testing, our engineers have extensive experience implementing RF sensors on a variety of platforms, including GMLR, AI3, Stinger, 40mm grenades, and lethal UAS.

Research & Rapid Development

Our RF and microwave engineering expertise stems from decades of designing, integrating, testing and fielding defense electronics. Our in-house production teams can rapidly develop, and field solutions to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Mission Support

Addressing urgent operational needs and upgrading fielded platforms, we support multiple Army, Air Force, and Navy missile, rocket, and munitions programs.

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