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N-Channel Rack Mount Modulator

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This product is based on our popular AM series quadrature modulators. It provides N independent single ended I/Q modulators with precision I/Q offset control for LO nulling. Any combination of our standard AM series modulators can be selected for each of the N-Channels and optional medium power high IP3 amplifiers can be added to handle most RF output power needs. Up to 8 channels can be configured and delivered in a compact 3U standard 19in rack mount chassis.

Quantum Computing

I/Q Inputs: Single Ended
I/Q Input Bandwidth: 500MHz
I/Q Offset Adjustment Control (LO Nulling): Precision Dial Potentiometers
I/Q Offset Adjustment Sensitivity (LO Nulling): 95.4mV/Turn
RF Output Power: Dependent on Modulator Selection
Chassis size: 3U 19in rack mount

FUNCTIONAL DIAGRAM (For Reference Only)MCUC_3570_4A_70100_4A_No Atten

Example PN: MCUC – 3570 – 4A – 70100 – 4A

multi channel upconverter PN

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 16 in
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