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PXIe Block Up/Down Converter

TSC manufactures high-performance specialty mixer components, assemblies, and instrumentation for demanding RF/microwave transmitters and receivers.

Our products are critical elements in wireless communications systems, radar/EW systems, test instrumentation, and scientific R&D. Our standard products are often just the starting point for a customized solution. Our experienced engineering staff is ready to discuss your application requirements and find the best solution for your system. This work is performed by our Polyphase Microwave team.


  • C-Band (4.0 to 8.0)GHz
  • X-Band (8.0 to 12.0)GHz


  • Two Integrated Independent LO Synthesizers 
  • Automatic LO Feedthrough Calibration 
  • 1GHz I/Q Bandwidth 
  • 30dB/1dB Step, Programmable RF Attenuation 
  • PXIe Hybrid Slot-Compatible 
  • Stand alone user control panel and software interface manual for custom integration 

Available options

  • Quantum Computing 
  • 5G Testing 
  • Doppler Weather Radar 
  • Vector Signal Transceiver
    (when paired with any Arbitrary Waveform Generator and high speed data acquisition system)  

Upconverter Conversion Loss
RF Spectrum Without LO Feedthrough Calibration
RF Spectrum With LO Feedthrough Calibration
Internal LO Phase Noise @ 6GHz
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