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(4.0 – 8.0)GHz Transceiver, Up/Down Converter


LO/RF Frequency (GHz): 4.0-8.0

I/Q upconverter
I/Q downconverter

Software programmable via GUI or custom program
Internal LO synthesizer or external LO input
1Hz step size
LO nulling control
RF attenuator, 0 to 31.75 dB in 0.25 dB steps

This product is a highly configurable 4.0GHz to 8.0GHz frequency converter. It supports independent upconversion/downconversion or transceiver applications. It is programmed via a Windows-based soft front panel or custom program using the supplied API manual. User settings are stored in nonvolatile memory and recalled at power-up, enabling applications in target systems without a host computer. Two internal 4.0GHz to 8.0GHz PLOs alleviates the need for external LO sources. The primary PLO is capable of sourcing both the upconvter and downconverter in transceiver applications. The secondary PLO supports independent upconverter and downconverter applications that require different LO frequencies. The secondary PLO along with internal DACs and ADCs allows for automated LO nulling across the entire 4.0GHz to 8.0GHz operating range.

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