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AM (0.2-6.0)GHz



RF Frequency: 200 – 6000 MHz
Input P1dB: +32 dBm
Sideband Suppression: -45 dBc (Typical)
LO Leakage: -50 dBm (Typical)
_________<-80 dBm (Nulled)
LO Power: -10 to +10 dBm
DC Power: +5 V @ 500 mA

The AM0260A is ideal for applications requiring exceptional local oscillator (LO) leakage (-45 dBm Typical and <-80 dBm Nulled) and Input Intercept Point (IIP3) (+32 dBm) performance. The LO leakage can be optimized manually via a USB 2.0 interface or can be nulled automatically within seconds by simply sending a calibration command to the AM0260A[1]. All settings are automatically saved to non-volatile memory and are recalled at power-up.

With a wide LO input power range of -10dBm to +10dBm the AM0260A alleviates the demand of a high power LO source.

LO Nulling:
Manual LO Nulling: LO Leakage can be minimized at any frequency within the operating rage of the AM0260A.
Automatic LO Nulling: Built-in power detector allows the AM0260A to perform self LO nulling calibration.

[1] Reduced frequency range of 200MHz to 4000MHz

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