TSC has decades of experience in designing, building, testing, and deploying Airborne Sensors for ISR Mission Support. We support RF sensor employment from System Requirements Analysis, to Hardware/Software/Firmware Prototype Development, to Low-Rate Initial Production, to Deployment and Mission Support. Our main ISR business areas are listed below. Click on a link below to find out more about these areas.

Systems Engineering and Analysis

Systems Engineering & Analysis

TSC has experience performing Systems Engineering and Analysis on virtually every type of radar. From ground-based air-defense, to airborne SAR / MTI / Fire-Control, to Space – We do it. We have particular expertise in the areas of:

  1. Phased Array Analysis
  2. Missile Seeker Analysis
  3. Proximity Fuze Analysis
  4. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Analysis
  5. Moving Target Indicator (MTI) radar Analysis

TSC designs waveforms and writes custom software/firmware which performs digital signal processing, radar detection processing, and image reconstruction. We have been implementing advanced radar algorithms on FPGAs and GPUs for more than a decade. This software is implemented on our own RF sensors, and we also design custom algorithms and write software for our customers’ sensor platforms. We support both the government and prime sensor system integrators in helping them make their sensors perform better, through system analysis, custom waveform design, and signal processing improvements.

RF Sensors and Defense Electronics

RF Sensors & Defense Electronics

TSC has been designing and building highly-advanced, turn-key RF sensors since the 1980s. From requirements analysis and simulation, to RF and digital circuit and antenna design, to Low-Rate Initial Production – We do it.

TSC is an ISO 9001-2008 certified design and production house, with an extensive track record of delivering success on challenging DoD requirements. We have in-house simulation capabilities and testing facilities for Electromagnetics / Antennas, RF Circuits up to 110 GHz, High-Speed Digital Circuits / FPGAs, Mechanical Packaging design and Vibration, and Thermal simulation and test capability.

Our Core Competencies in RF Sensors:

  1. Software-Defined Radar (SDR) Back-end Designs
  2. Low-Cost Airborne Sensors (including Airborne Sense-and-Avoid radars for UAS)
  3. Modular Open System Architecture Designs (OpenVPX)
  4. RF Missile Seekers (Active and Passive)
  5. RF Proximity Sensors for Weapon Fuzing Applications
  6. Phased Arrays (Active and Passive)


Rapid Development & Mission Support

TSC supports multiple Air-Force, Army, and NAVY UAS initiatives ranging from new UAS design and payload development to OCONUS operations. Our programs address urgent operational needs, such as ISR, Counter-IED, Counter-Insurgency, Counter-UAS, Electronic Warfare and Precision Strike. We have extensive experience with coordinating overseas operations, including logistics and staffing for foreign deployments. We support UAS flight testing at multiple government test ranges.


Holographic SAR

Holographic SAR

TSC has developed Holographic SAR algorithms for multiple airborne SAR platforms. Holographic SAR is a 3-D tomographic backprojection image formation technique with associated change detection algorithms. The technique achieves superior target resolution in the vertical dimension.



TCAR is an X-band, software-defined radar designed to function as a low-cost data collection platform for Airborne ISR applications, such as SAR and MTI. It has a 4-channel RF receiver with an arbitrary waveform generator for signal generation. TCAR is currently being used to test new waveforms for ISR and C-UAS applications.

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon is an Airborne Multi-INT surveillance platform designed to demonstrate a paradigm shift in low-cost Broad-area Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA). The demonstration platform carries an X-band SAR, AIS receiver, EO/IR camera gimbal, and satellite data modem. It has successfully completed several multi-national demonstrations in the Pacific where it successfully detected and documented multiple instances of illegal fishing activity.

For more information on Sea Dragon, visit:

Sea Dragon Website