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AUSA 2021

TSC will be exhibiting at AUSA’s 2021 Annual Meeting and Exposition. Taking place October 11-13, AUSA is the largest land powered exposition in the U.S.


Using arbitrary waveform generation and Direct-Digital Synthesis, our Exciters provide a great mix of performance based on phase noise, bandwidth, SFDR, size, and cost.


TestForge is a test management solution for designing and implementing tests for multiple Units Under Test (UUTs) over the life of a test bench. TestForge allows you to easily update obsolete hardware, modify test routines, and manage calibration requirements without recompiling the system.

SILAS – Battery and Power Test Systems

TSC has extensive experience in the creation of battery & power test systems. This includes designing, building, and deploying full test solutions to simulate a wide variety of real-world scenarios. Through analysis of your key requirements we design systems to…

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