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How to Join a TSC Hosted Teams Meeting as a Guest


TSC Teams meetings are hosted on a secure GCC High tenant. 
External participants will not be able to join meetings using their 365 account and must instead join as a guest.

Please follow these steps to join a TSC hosted Teams meeting as a guest:

1. Click the Meeting Link

Click on the “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” link from an email invitation or calendar event.

2. Open in Browser

Once you have clicked the link, it will open it in a web browser and you will receive a “Open Microsoft Teams” prompt. 
Make sure the checkbox is unchecked and click “Cancel”.


3. Join on the Web

After you have clicked cancel, select “Join on the web instead” and this will launch the meeting on the Microsoft Teams web client.


4. Enter the Meeting as a Guest

Once you have joined on the web, it will ask for you to type in your name and you can select “Join Now” to be admitted into the meeting as a guest.


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