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Ocean Data Telemetry Micorsat Data

Low powered UHF satellite or UAV payload for a communications system designed to extract data from widely distributed sensors. TSC was responsible for system design, development, and testing. Mission operations software support was provided to TacSat-, TacSat-4, and STP-Sat-2.

WISPR Concept/artist Rendering

Wide-Field Imager For Solar Probe

Solar instrument for NASA's Solar Probe Plus investigation. WISPR will image inner coronal plasma with unprecedented spatial resolution, cadence, and sensitivity. TSC is supporting systems, I&T and checkout, electrical, and mechanical engineering activities.


Satellite to service and repair geostationary satellites on orbit using semi-autonomous robotic algorithms and highly dexterous seven degree-of-freedom manipulators. TSC is supporting systems, electrical, and mechanical engineering, as well as program planning and control activities.

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