TSC develops turnkey radar and fire control systems that enhance the performance of ground systems. We have proven capabilities in areas such as Antennas, Exciters, Receivers, Transmitters, Digital Signal Processors, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Missile Datalinks, Fire Control Algorithms, Enhanced Target Range and Classification, and much more. We provide support for integration and test activities to ensure success from the laboratory to the field.

System Eng and Analysis

Systems Engineering & Analysis

TSC provides systems engineering support to our customers including theoretical analysis, requirements generation, test planning, test execution and test data analysis in both real-time and post-mission. We have been instrumental in the integration and test of radar and communications equipment for various Government and Industry customers.

  • TSC’s Testable Component Environment (TCE) integrates tactical code onto a PC and models targets, weather, wind, sea clutter, debris, chaff, jamming, and land features
  • BMDS radar models supports multiple radar and EO/IR sensors
  • Full 3D scenario simulations show detections, hand-overs and intercepts
  • Radar detection and track timelines determined for each threat trajectory

RF Subsystems

RF Subsystems

TSC develops RF subsystems for many customers as well as for our own integrated Radar solutions. We develop all RF and digital subsystems necessary for radar systems including Antennas, Exciters, Receivers, Transmitters, Digital Signal Processors, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, and others.

Our facilities are equipped with fabrication and integration laboratories as well as an anechoic chamber. TSC can provide antenna design support, testing support or end-to-end solutions.

TSC Specializes in Phased Array Antenna Design including both passive and active electronically scanned arrays (AESA). Our AESA designs are scalable and leverage telecom T/R module technology to create low cost AESAs.

Rapid Development and Mission Support

Rapid Development & Mission Support

TSC provides continued support for the Sentinel radar. TSC redesigned the Transmitter Control Unit (TCU) and Power amplifier module Interface Card (PIC). These subsystems have been integrated with the radar system. TSC's has manufactured these systems since 2003.

Enhanced Target Range and Classification

  • Operational Software BIT
  • Exciter Analysis and Requirements Generation
  • TCU and PIC Production for Fielded Systems

Sentinel Support

  • Radar Target Generator Development
  • Target Injection Unit Development
  • Field Support

Test Sets & Threat Simulator

Test Sets & Threat Simulators

TSC has a long history of developing & delivering target generation systems for various sensors:

  • More than two decades of supporting Sentinel with target generators, target injection units, and calibration systems
  • The LFTS Simulator has tested hundreds of TPQ-48, -49, and -50 LCMR radars

Calibration and Testing of Radar Systems Simulation of complete scenarios:

  • Targets (FW, Helo, UAV), Clutter (Distributed, Discrete), ECM (Deceptive, Denial)
  • Repeater electronics receive radar transmit signal, apply target amplitude and Doppler, and coordinate azimuth/elevation to simulate a realistic trajectory

Featured Work


Active Protection Systems

TSC developed the sensor, a phase interferometer, as well as the signal processor and fire control system for the Close-In Active Protection System installed on a Stryker Armored Combat Vehicle. The image captures the defeat mechanism, a blast fragmentation interceptor, as it punctures the thin skin of the incoming projectile to disable its warhead.

Radar Position Analysis System

Radar Position Analysis System (RPAS)

TSC’s Radar Position Analysis System (RPAS) is a software tool that simulates, analyzes and predicts the Site-Specific performance of a radar. It uses detailed radar models and digital terrain data to predict the radar scan, track and location performance. To date, TSC has integrated models for multiple fielded radars including AN/TPQ-36, 37 Firefinder radars.


Tactical Expeditionary Mobile Protection Radar (TEMPR)

TEMPR combines the latest in 5G telecom technology, cutting edge COTS embedded processing, and TSC’s FPGA-based, mixed-signal RF Open VPX cards to create a High-Performance, Low-Cost, Mobile Protection Radar.

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