IR UV Capability


TSC provides infrared/ultraviolet (IR/UV) systems engineering, modeling and simulation, and hardware development for government, commercial, and foreign customers. The IR/UV line of business conceptualizes, develops and integrates real-time computer-controlled infrared/ultraviolet simulator/stimulator and monitoring systems. TSC has a fundamental understanding of IR/UV sensor technology, system requirements, system design, prototyping, development, and testing.

IR/UV Solutions

Using the most advanced technologies, our products deliver the performance and flexibility you need.
Hostile Fire Indicators

Hostile Fire Indicator Test System

A high-speed infrared source and radiometer system that supports the Hostile Fire Indicator test and evaluation requirements.

IR Simulator and Target Array

IR Simulator and Target Array

TSC has developed and demonstrated infrared and ultraviolet missile signature simulators, DIRCM monitors, and related components for HITL, ISTF, and OAR applications.

IRUV Source Stimulator

IR/UV Source Stimulator

The IRUSS system features computer-controlled IR and UV point-source stimulators that are configured and operated from a PC-based controller with a LabVIEW graphical user interface (GUI).

hardware in the loop

Hardware-in-the-Loop Image Generation & Projection

IR/UV missile signature simulators, DIRCM monitors, HFI threat simulators, and related components for HITL, ISTF, and OAR applications.



A toolkit for real-time thermal IR sensor simulation.

Hyperspectral Sensor Simulation

Hyperspectral Sensor Simulation

A physics-based high-fidelity thermal IR multispectral/hyperspectral sensor simulation.

DIRCM Test Systems

DIRCM Test Systems

A DIRCM Monitor System for indoor and flightline test and evaluation of DIRCM systems.

IRUM Radiometer Systems

IR/UV Radiometer Systems

A tool for radiometric measurement and monitoring of IR/UV sources and simulations.