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MTS 2.0

TSC's Mobile Tracking System (MTS) is a simple to use, turn-key solution that provides automatic tracking of nodes in a Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET).

Sea Dragon

Sea Dragon (developed by TSC) is a modular maritime surveillance system and service. It can operate from manned or unmanned aerial surveillance platform, and is capable of wide-area, day-night operations. Beyond a high level of technical performance, the system also: produces evidentiary quality documentation of illegal activity; easily integrates with marine law enforcement; requires a small operational footprint; suited for surveillance in remote areas.


TCAR is an X-band, software-defined radar designed to function as a low-cost data collection platform for Airborne ISR applications, such as SAR and MTI. It has a 4-channel RF receiver with an arbitrary waveform generator for signal generation. TCAR is…

Holographic SAR

TSC has developed Holographic SAR algorithms for multiple airborne SAR platforms. Holographic SAR is a 3-D tomographic backprojection image formation technique with associated change detection algorithms. The technique achieves superior target resolution in the vertical dimension.


Camera for vessel identification, documentation, and collection of prosecutable evidence that simultaneously detects targets with both IR and EO sensors. Includes redundant GPS logging and documentation. Mounted in a gyro-stabilized turret designed for long range optics with automatic video tracking and capture. Built to Mil-spec Performance.


High performance radar for wide-area search & detection Up to 100 nautical mile search rangeMultimode features including:Maritime SearchSearch Inverse SARSAR Terrain MappingWeather RadarMil-Spec Performance

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