THOR White Paper

Test Handling & Operational Reporting (THOR)


Technology Service Corporation has created the Test Handling and Operation Reporting (THOR) system for the purpose of managing complicated tests, controls, and sensors within a lab. THOR utilizes a network architecture with test hubs that are both cloneable and highly customizable. THOR allows lab managers to easily monitor and control a large number of tests with diverse performance requirements.

THORTHOR can easily be configured to manage data acquisition (DAQ) for a wide variety of devices to be tested in any lab or environment where sensor data needs to be collected. THOR also has an innovative wire management system to greatly reduce wire clutter as well as shielding the sense lines from electrical noise. THOR provides a streamlined software interface to oversee the entire lab from the highest level down to each individual sensor.

THOR Central Lab Management Software

THOR Test Hub

Remote DAQ Device (RD2)