Test Equipment

TSC designs, develops, tests, and evaluates advanced sensors and related technologies for military and commercial systems.  These technologies include signal processors, image processing and target recognition, radar environment simulators, infrared and radar image generators, ultraviolet and infrared stimulator systems, and related databases.  Our work includes many hard­ware projects, such as radar processor design and development, sensor and subsystem prototype development and demonstration, and electronic circuit board design and assembly.  We also provide storage, maintenance, and upgrade of test equipments, as well as on-site customer support.  Our laboratories are well-equipped with tools and test equipments to support our customers with testing, research, and engineering. 

DSC_0019.JPGTSC has the latest in laboratory instrumentation and test equipment for the development of Radio Frequency and signal processing systems. Key technologies at TSC include Radar, Electronic Warfare, Electronic Intelligence and Communications. Each of these demanding fields requires specialized tools to enable our engineers and scientists to develop robust systems. Instrumentation at TSC is maintained through our ISO-9001 procedures and networked through GPIB interfaces to allow automated control and data collection. Examples of this instrumentation is given in the following paragraphs.

To accurately measure time domain phenomenology such as timing signals, Phase IV Systems has a variety of oscilloscopes. We have the latest in mixed signal technology such as the Tektronix MSO4104 which is a 4 Channel 1 GHz sampling scope with built in Logic Analyzer. In addition, our laboratory has the cutting edge in signal analyzing scopes with Digital Phosphorus technology in the Tektronix DPO4104.

DSC_0053.JPGFor signal sources, the TSC has numerous sources from analog signal generators to RF synthesizers. We have several Agilent 8657B synthetic signal generators that provide arbitrary waveform generation capability as well as several deterministic functions. For RF signal generation, our laboratory has synthesizers such as the HP 83732A that generates RF waveforms between 10 MHz to 20 GHz. For higher frequencies, we have the Agilent 83650B which is a 50 GHz synthesized sweep generator.
Spectral content is critical for all RF applications such as radar, EW and communications. To measure, capture and analyze these signals, TSC Operation has invested in several spectrum analyzer systems such as the Agilent E4448A PSA Spectrum Analyzer and 8563E 9 kHz-50 GHz Portable Spectrum Analyzer. In addition to the base systems, we have invested in many peripherals that augment the equipment and allow for detailed analysis of important RF characteristics such as phase noise and Power Added Efficiency. These peripherals include the E8257D-540, E5052B and E5053A.

DSC_0152.jpgComponent development requires accurate measurement of input and output device characteristics. Parameters such as VSWR, Gain and Phase performance over frequency are critical in component operation. TSC maintains two Automatic Network Analyzers. Our HP8510C is used to develop microwave components under 26 GHz. In our microelectronics clean room, we maintain an HP8510FX for the development of highly integrated microelectronics up to 110 GHz. Both of these systems provide a unique capability to collect detailed component data that can be assimilated into our system development efforts.
In addition to our laboratory instrumentation, TSC has the requisite tools needed for system development such as digital multi-meters, temperature probes, hand tools, and other common laboratory items. Each of these are maintained within ISO quality system along with the instrumentation to ensure calibration and proper operation.