Testable Component Environment (TCE)

Background: Technology Service Corporation (TSC) began developing its Testable Component Environment (TCE) software as a tool to support simulation, testing, and development of the AEGIS AN/SPY-1 radar system over 15 years ago.  Since then, the SPY radar community has recognized TCE as the premier modeling and test tool available, and it has become integral to the program’s success. 

TCEHow is TCE unique? Unlike most combat system simulation tools, TCE integrates the actual tactical code from a fielded system on a PC.  This unique aspect completely eliminates a significant source of uncertainty normally present when modeling these systems.  Users do not have to be concerned that a model of a tactical component does not accurately represent the behavior of the system, so they can turn their full attention to manipulating external environmental conditions.

High fidelity models of all significant environmental factors, including targets, weather, wind, sea clutter, debris, chaff, jamming, and land features are integrated into TCE.  The combination of these detailed models with the actual tactical code from the fielded system produces scenarios which reliably imitate behaviors that occur in the real world.

TCE contains advanced analysis tools that allow users to effectively interpret data.  Many flexible visualization options and displays let users customize the application to meet their specific analytical needs.

TCE can be run on a standard desktop.  There is no need for powerful servers or expensive complementary software.  Using just a contemporary PC, users can run scenarios in faster than real-time, generating large volumes of reliable data at a minimal cost while taking advantage of sophisticated debugging methods available with a PC.

What is the status of TCE?  TCE is installed at Lockheed Martin and MSE’s Moorestown, NJ facilities, the Naval Surface Warfare Centers in Dahlgren, VA; Corona, CA; and Port Hueneme, CA, as well as TSC.  It is the primary analytical tool being used for development of AEGIS SPY-1 radar computer program code.  This effort is integral to the AEGIS Modernization (AMOD) program being implemented by Navy to upgrade AEGIS Combat Systems to an “Open Architecture.” 

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