Subsystem Production

TSC’ Close-In Active Protection System (CIAPS) Program currently involves two distinct activities: 1) Field testing of the original CIAPS hardware; and 2) Development of a smaller/lighter CIAPS variant.

Proof of Concept Systems
Proof of Concept Systems in development at TSC include: Multimode Sensor Suite, Antenna Development, APS Interceptor Seeker, Wake Vortex Radar, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Hostile Fire Indicator Test System, and IR Sensor Simulation Products.

Our facilities have extensive computer resources, well-equipped offices, electronic laboratories, machine shops, and fabrication facilities.  Our staffs work in a friendly and comfortable environment that enables them to work efficiently and provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions to our customers.  Our facilities meet all federal, state, county and city regulations for airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, external radiation levels, outdoor noise, solid and bulk waste disposal practices, and handling and storage of toxic and hazardous materials.

Test Equipment
TSC designs, develops, tests, and evaluates advanced sensors and related technologies for military and commercial systems.  These technologies include signal processors, image processing and target recognition, radar environment simulators, infrared and radar image generators, ultraviolet and infrared stimulator systems, and related databases.

Hardware Design and Fabrication
Specializing in advanced sensor systems and related technologies, TSC has developed many sensor system prototypes and components that include receivers, transmitters, and signal processors along with real-time software and graphical user interfaces.  Specific capabilities include extensive prototyping, breadboard, and limited production hardware design, development and testing.