Close-In Active Protection Systems
TSC’ Close-In Active Protection System (CIAPS) Program currently involves two distinct activities: 1) Field testing of the original CIAPS hardware; and 2) Development of a smaller/lighter CIAPS variant. The CIAPS demonstration hardware was removed from the original LAV2 test vehicle and mounted on a Stryker vehicle. This configuration was used for additional field testing including static tests with RPG threats from various angles, fire on the move tests with RPGs, Military Operation Urban Terrain (MOUT) tests and incoming/outgoing round false alarm tests.

CIAPSTSC’ CIAPS variant for the HMMWV program continued in FY 06 with three specific program activities: Radar support hardware a nd software field test verification and validation; Munitions Controller design and development; and Command Detonate Datalink design and development. The CIAPS variant was mounted on a HMMWV and static field tested using simulated targets designed to demonstrate the ability of the radar to track inbound threats (i.e., Rocket Propelled Grenades and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles) and provide area defense using counter-munitions.

CIAPSCA Munitions Controller subsystem was developed to provide a command link between the Weapon System Controller and the Munitions Launcher Pods. The Munitions Controller was designed to decode critical commands issued by the Weapon System Controller subsystem such as Global Launcher Enable, Fire Command, Command Detonate, Global Launcher Disable, and report status back to the Weapon System Controller subsystem. 

A Command Detonation Datalink (CDD) was developed for the CIAPS HMMWV Interceptor to provide a means for more accurate detonation timing and fragmentation pattern aiming. The datalink provides in-flight update timing and interceptor roll commands. The components of the datalink, including the transmitter, receiver and receiver antenna, were developed and have undergone initial testing.  Preparations are currently being made to complete the datalink testing and integrate it with the CIAPS HMMWV radar for system testing.