Microwave Tube Support

Recently, TSC has been involved with testing and failure analysis of SPY-1D(V) Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs) returned from DDG91, 94, & Wallops Island.  We have also been involved in the investigation of the Simplified Driver (SDR) Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) rf turn-on issues in the SPY-1D(V) transmitter cabinet.  We have also been involved in investigating 10 kw TWT issues in the SPY-1B/D transmitter cabinet.  These are all AEGIS MWT community efforts and in each case TSC has played a role identifying possible root cause failure modes.

TSC also provides engineering support for MWT test stations.  Some of the best and most sophisticated automated test stations used in the MWT industry exist at NSWC/CD and the AEGIS MWT vendors.  TSC provides both hardware and software support for these test stations and also the LABNET system at NSWC/CD.  Adequate testing and evaluation of AEGIS MWTs plays a key role in providing a reliable product to the fleet.

TSC has been involved with developing technical training materials for the MWTs used in the fleet.  These materials are used in training Navy sailors and civilian personnel in areas of:  theory of operation, troubleshooting in transmitter cabinets, and proper handling for shipping and storage.

TSC continues to support NSWC/CD in their efforts to monitor the health of the MWT industry.  The overall size of the MWT industry is small compared to other defense industries.  NSWC/CD is the Navy’s Executive Agent for the MWT industry.  TSC has developed and maintains a database of the industry capabilities for use by the AEGIS MWT Program Manager at NSWC/CD.

These efforts are examples of TSC capabilities to support the MWT industry and NSWC/CD, through engineering, planning, and management of vital components.