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The marketplace is changing dramatically for Government entities at all levels. In the past, most system acquisition decisions were made on the basis of cost at the time of acquisition, which is not the true cost over the life of a system. In fact, system operating and support costs account for approximately 70% of a systems life-cycle cost. Due to increasing budget constraints, this life-cycle cost, especially for products and/or services that have long cycles of sustainment, maintenance, upgrade and replacement, are drawing an increasing level of scrutiny from the Government. Hence, identifying system operating and support costs as early as possible in the life-cycle of a system is critical for producing affordable, feasible design configurations to support user requirements. LifeCycle-ONE™ links design decisions to system operating and support costs to achieve performance and affordability objectives. This tool allows the Program Manager to examine alternatives to system design early in the acquisition timeline, resulting in smarter, more affordable design choices.

LifeCycle-ONE, offered by Technology Service Corporation (TSC), is a unique costing tool that supports oversight and encourages discipline in any acquisition decision-making process. It informs a Program Manager of long-term service and sustainment considerations based on user input of performance parameter values closely aligned with core logistics elements, such as supply support, maintenance planning and management, manpower and personnel, and training and training support. The system operating and support cost produced are based on the design parameter values for the specific system being acquired; pre-programmed numbers or industry averages are not used. The user has the ability to input values for design parameters specific to overall system design options. This will allow “what if” scenarios early on in the acquisition process.

LifeCycle-ONE has an extraordinarily broad base of potential user communities and target applications, to platforms and systems of all types. This provides the end-user the following:

  • Customer Controlled Input - The control factors and data points used for system operating and support  cost  determination are developed by the user, and are not platform-generic or   industry averages, providing realistic outcomes and expectations tailored to the system being addressed.
  • Easy-To-Use - The tool is based on selection tables created by the user and pertinent only to that particular acquisition or project.
  • Flexible/Adaptable - The tool is adaptable, providing acquisition professionals the ability to change design parameters to achieve and manage system performance and affordability objectives.
  • Scalable – LifeCycle-ONE is scalable, up to the system level or down to the component level.

LifeCycle-ONE will be available through several alternative methods:

  • Engineered Application – TSC will design the application according to your specifications.
  • Managed Service – “Pay-by-the-drink” utilization of the tool, only as needed.
  • Short-Term License – Designed for a one-time acquisition and/or reconfiguration. This has a limited use license and is functional for a fixed period of time.
  • Trial – This is a basic-use license and is limited to size, scope and length of use.
  • Shrink-Wrapped Product - Available in Single User, Site or Enterprise license configurations.

LifeCycle-ONE’s unique value proposition is that it links system design decisions made early in the acquisition cycle to their resulting system operating and support costs through system life. Program Managers now have a tool which can help them meet both system performance and affordability objectives.

LifeCycle-ONE supports and encourages acquisition discipline within the decision-making process. It helps optimize acquisition decisions using real-life system performance variables, and it provides the acquisition professional with a tool that correctly estimates life-cycle costs based on both short- and long-term cost factors. It provides proven predictors for support of legacy systems, as well as for technology refresh planning.

LifeCycle-ONE provides the most accurate look into long-term cost analysis and control as a simple, easy-to-use tool, designed to provide decision-support capabilities for any specific acquisition requirement.

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