Radar Prototyping Fact Sheet

Hardware Design and Fabrication

Specializing in advanced sensor systems and related technologies, TSC has developed many sensor system prototypes and components that include receivers, transmitters, and signal processors along with real-time software and graphical user interfaces.  Specific capabilities include extensive prototyping, breadboard, and limited production hardware design, development and testing.

In addition to proof-of-concept radar systems, TSC has also developed radar environment simulators, radar target and clutter repeaters, infrared and radar image generators, and ultraviolet and infrared stimulator systems. Technology utilized in these systems includes microwave and millimeter wave hardware (amplifiers, filters, and switches), digital hardware (high density FPGAs, DSP, and memory), high speed A/D and D/A converters.     

TSC Radars
MMW Icing Detection Radar       X-band Range Instrumentation Radar

Supporting hardware development, TSC actively maintains extensive computer resources, well-equipped offices, electronic laboratories, machine shops, and fabrication facilities.  Hardware capabilities include printed circuit board layout, fabrication, and assembly along with mechanical, environmental, and EMI/RFI engineering to support design for operation in laboratory and ground-based or airborne field environments.

Radar Digital Processors

Radar Digital Processors

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