TSC is an employee-owned small business that supplies engineering research services and specialized software and hardware to US Government defense agencies and commercial customers.  Our facilities have extensive computer resources, well-equipped offices, electronic laboratories, machine shops, and fabrication facilities.  Our staffs work in a friendly and comfortable environment that enables them to work efficiently and provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions to our customers.  Our facilities meet all federal, state, county and city regulations for airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, external radiation levels, outdoor noise, solid and bulk waste disposal practices, and handling and storage of toxic and hazardous materials.

TSC’s Phase IV Systems Huntsville facility provides 42,000 square feet of space, including approximately 6,600 square feet dedicated to laboratories and assembly areas. In addition, PIVC (a TSC subsidiary) has a separate 5,500 square foot facility for manufacturing of electronics and 2,450 square feet of machine shop space. These facilities support the development of high-technology electronic hardware products as well as providing capabilities, tools and equipment for the sustainment of legacy systems.

Electronics Laboratory
Phase IV Systems’ Huntsville facility includes over 4,000 square feet dedicated to the production, assembly and integration of electronic systems. The laboratories are segregated into fully equipped high frequency resources for the design, development, integration and test of conventional connectorized RF systems as well as surface mount and other technologies up to 110 GHz. Our high speed digital and signal processing laboratories includes a full complement of equipment for the design, development and test of signal processing components, assemblies and systems. This hardware capability is augmented by a software development laboratory that provides real-time embedded code for components and systems developed by Phase IV Systems as well as assemblies developed at other contractor or Government facilities.

Manufacturing Laboratory
Phase IV Systems has a complete electronics manufacturing facility on campus with our subsidiary PIVC. PIVC has a 5,500 square foot facility that specializes in the production of military electronics. Key equipment includes a stencil printer capable of placing solder down to a 12 mil pitch, semi-automatic pick and place machine, multi-zone reflow oven, BGA repair station and various other soldering and assembly tools. The manufacturing laboratory has a co-located test area for application specific product testing. In addition, the facility has a self contained inventory warehouse with full time purchasing and material management resources. This space is adjacent to shipping and receiving providing stringent control of all components.

Clean Room
Phase IV Systems has a Class 10,000 (ISO Class 7) clean room for design, development, integration and test of microelectronic circuitry. The microelectronics laboratory allows for die attachment to microstrip circuit boards using epoxy or other adhesives. Wire bonding of the die for electrical connectivity to microstrip circuit boards is provided for assemblies having traces and line spacing down to 0.001 inch. A “pick and place” machine allows precise positioning of components prior to final attachment and a semi-automatic ultrasonic wire-bonding machine provides the capability to bond gold and aluminum wire and ribbon. This capability is augmented through various other special equipment such as a plasma cleaner, pull test, nitrogen curing oven and many others.

Machine Shop

Phase IV Systems has an on campus 2,450 square foot machine shop run by its manufacturing subsidiary PIVC. The facility is a complete machine shop outfitted with a full range of mechanical equipment for the development of prototypes and fabrication of Limited Rate Initial Production configuration assemblies. Services include both CAD and CAM capabilities for the in-house Fadal 4020 CNC machine as well as a Bridgeport two -axis milling machine for custom enclosure fabrication. For sheetmetal fabrication, the facility has Tennsmith shear and break machines. Hydraulic presses are available for custom insertion and deformation. A 10” lathe is available for the manufacture of special rods and other symmetrical items. In addition, a deburring machine with a variety of ceramic and other aggregates is available for finishing of milled parts. The facility also has a complete welding station with Heliarch and Acetylene methods. A drill press and full complement of hand tools is present to provide additional capability along with grinding and buffing wheels for finishing. Tools are kept at peak performance with in house sharpening facilities. Phase IV Systems’ full service machine shop capability provides our customers with priority fabrication at competitive rates.

Field Test Support
1,600 square feet of indoor space is dedicated for the storage, maintenance, upgrade, testing, calibration and characterization of several million dollars of government furnished equipment used for field testing of aircraft survivability equipment.  A high bay area with a roll up door is included to enable indoor storage or use of large test equipment or trailers.  In addition, 7,200 square foot of secure fenced area (chain link, razor wire, IR beam alarm) is used for the storage of test support trailers, vehicles and equipment.  This outdoor space is also used for the testing, calibration and characterization of equipment where larger distances are required.

Office and Special Purpose Space
Phase IV systems has 86 offices, 3 conference rooms (the main conference room has VTC and AV capability), 1 plotter room, 1 computer room, 1 library and 3 facility security rooms in two buildings on TSC Phase IV Systems Operations campus. PIVC has 6 offices and 1 conference room co-located in the electronics manufacturing building

 ESS Equipment Temperature Screening

Phase IV Systems can conduct ESS thermal screening for Units Under Test [UUTs]. The rate of change of temperature during each thermal cycle is based on the maximum rate sustainable in our thermal chambers, both are Thermotron S-16s. The ESS down and up temperature profiles for our chambers are shown in the figures below.
By performing the stress screening in-house, personnel have access to all relevant design documentation and the complete suite of laboratory instrumentation. Any issues that arise are addressed and properly documented through our ISO-9001 quality system.



Shock and Vibration Screening
For the purposes of testing components, circuits and small assemblies, Phase IV Systems has an in-house shaker system. This system has 110 lbs. of sinusoidal force, 45 lbs. of random force and 110 lbs. of shock force capability. This system is shown below in Figure 4.0-6.


The payload capacity of this system is a maximum of 10 lbs. on the armature. With the armature fully loaded at 10 lbs. of payload and the 1 lb. weight of the armature the maximum acceleration is: 10 g’s sinusoidal, 4 g’s random and 10 g’s shock. For heaver payloads, the Duobase (slip plate) can be used which increases the maximum load handling capability to 40 lbs. The table of the Duobase adds 2.8 lbs. to the overall payload. The maximum displacement of the system is 1” pk-pk. The maximum frequency of operation with the armature is 6 kHz and 4.5 kHz with the Duobase.

Test Equipment

Phase IV Systems has a full array of the latest in laboratory instrumentation. Our laboratories are equipped for development and test of Radio Frequency systems up to 110 GHz as well as digital systems up 10 GHz. The RF laboratory includes network analyzers like the Agilent8510FX, spectrum analyzers such as the HP8565E, 40 GHz Signal Generator like the Agilent E8557D as well as numerous other instrumentation like power meters, arbitrary waveform generators, function generators, pulse generators and many others. Our digital laboratory includes high speed oscilloscopes such as a Tektronix 10 Gigasample Digital Phosphorus Oscilloscope, Communication Signal Analyzer like the Tektronix CSA 803, E5052B/E5053A Signal Source Analyzer and many more signal state analysis tools. This equipment is well maintained and on a yearly calibration schedule managed by our ISO-9001 quality system.