Eclipse Development

With millions of downloads of the Eclipse software development kit (SDK) since Eclipse 3.0 was introduced in 2004, it’s clear that the programming community has embraced Eclipse as its Java development platform of choice.  An early adopter of Eclipse, TSC was one of the first companies to realize Eclipse’s potential as an application framework, not just a development environment.  Over a year before the Eclipse Foundation released the Rich Client Platform (RCP), TSC repackaged a selected set of core Eclipse plug-ins and added its own plug-ins to create Reconstruction WorkBench (RWB), TSC’s premier visualization platform for trajectory reconstruction tools.

  •         reusable components
  •         XML / XSLT
  •         extensible editor
  •         cross-platform
  •         custom extension points
  •         XML configuration
  •         custom perspectives
  •         preference integration
  •         field logging
  •         integrated licensing
  •         update sites
  •         Live CD

Since 2004, TSC has been building innovative, enterprise-quality Eclipse plug-ins designed to work seemlessly either within a standalone TSC Eclipse workbench or when integrated into your existing Eclipse environment. 

Are you considering an Eclipse-based project?  Consider TSC.  With extensive knowledge of the Eclipse architecture and a library of reusable components that can be customized for your project, TSC can help you get up and running faster.  Do you need XML I/O?  TSC has components not just for reading and writing XML, but for manipulating the XML using industry-standard XSLT.  Does your project need a custom editor that connects to your custom views?  TSC’s unique Extensible Editor can help make that happen.  Does your project need to work on multiple platforms?  TSC has years of experience developing cross-platform solutions for both Windows and Solaris Sparc.  Does your project need custom extension points, extensive XML configuration, customized perspectives, global preference integration, user-controllable field logging, integrated licensing, or even update site capabilities?  TSC has done all of that, and can fast-track your project with that knowledge.  Do you need to create a “Live CD” of your project that can be distributed freely to potential customers?  TSC pioneered the distribution of Eclipse-based products that can be run as a trial version directly from a CD, with no permanent footprints on the host machine.

Chances are, however you want to use Eclipse, TSC knows how to do it and can apply that knowledge to your project.  With nearly half a million lines of code in our current Eclipse-based products, TSC has the experience you need to make your next Eclipse-based project a resounding success.