BMD Simulation Framework Fact Sheet


BMD Simulation Framework

The Ballistic Missile Defense Simulation Framework (BMDSF) is a plug-and-play application programming interface library that provides efficient and flexible communications among functional modules in a Ballistic Missile Defense simulation. BMDSF is built on top of the well-known Message Passing Interface (MPI) library, which enables the framework to be highly scalable to large simulations distributed over multiple interconnected computers. The framework promotes modular software architecture; each functional module is a stand-alone program that can be compiled and linked independently of other modules.

Key BMDSF Features:

TSC’s Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) testbed software is an example large-scale simulation where the BMDSF is used. The BMDS testbed is a simulation tool for developing, evaluating, and demonstrating missile defense algorithms and models; it includes a configurable radar model consisting of multiple radar functional modules that are connected and communicate with each other in real-time using the BMDSF. The BMDSF supports multiple radar and EO/IR sensors as well as other elements of the BMDS, all interconnected by the framework.

BMDS Modules

For more information please download the BMD Simulation Framework Fact Sheet (PDF)