Technical Foundation

TSC has facility resources, equipment, facilities, and modeling and simulation tools which support all of our business areas.  These include laboratories with state of the art test equipment for our advanced sensor work and fabrication of equipment and simulators. We design and build back-fit kits for several radar systems. 

TSC’s modeling and simulation capability includes a significant inventory of proven simulations based on support to all of the Military Services and spans functions from modeling the design and performance of a variety of radars/other sensors to simulating the logistics impact of spares acquisition decisions on the readiness of combat systems and communications systems.

We have an ISO 9000 certified facility for production of electronic components, subsystems, and systems in Huntsville, AL.  We develop analysis and modeling tools based on commercial, hardware products such as the Microwave Component Analyzer and RealIR® software which predicts the thermal signature of air/sea/ground platforms and creates an IR scene from a visible scene.