Radar Prototyping Fact Sheet

Target Imaging Radar

RF Imaging SystemTSC, in conjunction with MARK Resources Inc., recently developed the RF Imaging System for White Sands Missile Range under an SBIR Phase II contract. This X-band radar is shown in the figure below (the pedestal, van, and the optical devices shown were furnished by the Army).

The Imaging System is fully coherent, and utilizes a 100-watt solid state transmitter and a 1 dB noise figure receiver. It can operate over a band¬width as large as 1500 MHz to provide a nominal resolution in range of four inches, and a measurement accuracy of a few millimeters. This state-of-the-art performance has been verified in field tests.

The hardware for the RF Imaging System was developed by TSC in nine months, which included several design iterations. In tests at White Sands Missile Range, it has imaged missiles and targets out to 80 kilometers. The photograph shows the radar operating with a 2’ dish antenna, but 4' and 6' dishes can also be used for imaging targets at longer range.

For more information please download the Radar Prototyping Fact Sheet (PDF)

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