Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)

THAADTSC has been instrumental in the design and testing of the Terminal High Altitude Area Air Defense System (THAAD) throughout all phases of this Missile Defense Agency (MDA) asset.    The THAAD system is one piece of a layered strategic / tactical missile defense system that utilizes hit-to-kill technology.   Each THAAD component (Radar, Battle Manager, Launcher and Missile), is designed to ensure the interceptor can engage the threat with a lethal kinetic energy (KE) hit onto the threat Reentry Vehicle (RV) warhead.   To this end, TSC continues its long time programmatic support of the THAAD Fire-Control & Command (TFCC or Battle Manager)), with the Radar Interface Emulator (RIE).   This software radar model is used to test the tactical TFCC software, as well as to provide an embedded radar system simulation for battle plan evaluation.   

In addition to the RIE, TSC also provides / developed the Medium fidelity End-To-End Radar (METER) model, which continues to be utilized for large scale coverage assessments and evaluation of the Firing Unit Fielded (FUF) THAAD radar.   TSC has also been active in the development; integration and testing of a real-time, software based, aspect angle dependent, Radar Cross Section (RCS) generation federate. This unique system allows strategic/tactical simulations (AEGIS, SBX, GBR, etc…) ready access to high fidelity, aspect angle dependent, RCS values for any threat that a user can define via its facet and edge files.   This scaleable, multithreaded, server-client based architecture, can seamlessly integrate with other simulations, regardless of host operating system or software language.

These are only a fraction of the simulations developed by TSC for use on the THAAD and BMDS, which also include the THAAD Threat Generator (TTG: A near real-time, six DOF separating TBM simulation), and the Joint Environment Driver for Interoperability (JEDI: an RIE related radar model simulation currently in use by the governments Software Engineering Directorate (SED) for intra-BMDS system).