Shipboard Radar Systems

TSC has been involved with the AEGIS Combat System development, production, and operational support for over 25 years. This technical support includes many different activities being performed across the company. TSC’s single largest contract is the AEGIS Combat System Technical Support contract. Through this contract, TSC provides direct engineering support to the AEGIS Technical Division of the Program Office for Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) and TBMD Systems Engineering.

Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR)
Air and Missile Defense Radar(AMDR)is a multi-mission active phased array radar that will be replacing SPY-1 radars on future DDG 51 Flight III ships.  AMDR is a dual band (S and X) radar that will be scalable to different size apertures for various classes of ships. TSC provides Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) engineering and logistics/sustainment planning for the program office.

Legacy Radars
TSC has been involved in the design, development, and testing of the multiple variants of the AN/SPS-49 for over 30 years.  The variants include the (V)5, (V)8, A(V)1, and A(V)2.  TSC is currently providing radar subject matter expertise for the Navy's IWS 2.0 Common Data Sensor Architecture (CDSA) program which includes current and planned major upgrades to the SPS-49 for the transmitter, receiver, and signal processor.  TSC is also leading the overall effort to generate SPS-49B system requirements as well as interface requirements for new future combat systems.