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RealIR Fact Sheet

Real-time IR Sensor Simulation

TSC has developed the RealIR™ application programming interface (API) to provide a toolkit for real-time sensor simulation developers.  The RealIR API implements physics-based models for thermal IR sensor simulation, compatible with standard scene database formats and real-time simulation engines.  The API has been incorporated in simulations for both man-in-the-loop training systems and hardware-in-the-loop simulation systems.

Visual Scene  IR Scene

Visual Scene                                                        IR Scene

The RealIR API meets the needs of users who require a dynamic IR simulation that can be rapidly reconfigured during the simulation run.  The API provides complete functionality for incorporating a physics-based IR model into a real-time simulation.  Using the API, a simulation application can continuously update the simulated IR sensor imagery.  The RealIR API functions include sensor specification, real-time modification of environment and atmosphere, physics-based computation of scene temperatures and radiances, atmospheric propagation using LOWTRAN or MODTRAN, and real-time visualization with 8, 12, or 16-bit image depths.  The API also provides automatic conversion of terrain and target textures to physically correct IR textures.

In addition to the IR physics library, the API contains functions for loading OpenFlightÔ target and terrain models and performing real-time visualization using the OpenSceneGraph API. TSC recently (2013) added additional functions to provide an option for real-time conversion of visual terrain databases to IR intensities using GPU technology, eliminating the time and storage required for material mapping and off-line conversion.

For more information please download the RealIR Fact Sheet (PDF)