Legacy Radars


TSC has been involved in the design, development, and testing of the multiple variants of the AN/SPS-49 for over 30 years.  The variants include the (V)5, (V)8, A(V)1, and A(V)2.  TSC provided radar subject matter expertise for the Navy's IWS 2.0 Common Data Sensor Architecture (CDSA) program which includes current and planned major upgrades to the SPS-49 for the transmitter, receiver, and signal processor.  TSC is also led the overall effort to generate SPS-49B system requirements as well as interface requirements for new future combat systems.

TSC assisted the Navy in the development of a new solid state modulator (SSM) for the AN/SPS-49(V)5 and A(V)1.  TSC participated in the specification development and requirements definition, and was responsible for verifying the unit and system operational and environment test requirements were implemented at the Crane test facility. 

TSC was a major participant in the development and test of the AN/SPS-49A(V)1 and (V)2 radars.  These represented a Medium PRF Upgrade (MPU) to the SPS-49(V)5 radar.  TSC still maintains the SPS-49A(V)1 Prime Item Functional Specification (PIFS), the Software Requirements Specification (SRS), the Prime Item Development Specification (PIDS), and the Interface Design Specification (IDS) for the Navy.  TSC was the primary agency responsible for testing the interface between the SPS-49A(V)1 and the Ship’s Self Defense System (SSDS).  Tests were performed at the factory and at Wallops Island.  TSC developed the procedures, directed the tests, analyzed the data, and generated the reports.  Prior to the interface test, TSC participated in the System Acceptance Testing used to sell off the first SPS-49A(V)2 (which included a digital receiver and digital canceller) to the Navy at the factory and was the lead government representative during the sell-off phase of the SPS-49A(V)1 version of the radar.

TSC was closely involved with the effort to integrate the SPS-49(V)8 Automatic Detection and Tracking (ADT) into the AEGIS combat system.  TSC was a primary participant in the development of the ADT Specification, the First Article test plans and procedures performed at the Raytheon test site, and the Integration test plans and procedures at the CSEDS test site.  TSC observed all the tests and generated reports which summarized the test results, identified the problems, and recommended changes to be made to the radar.  TSC was also involved in the shipboard testing of the SPS-49(V)8 radar by identifying tests which represented scenarios for which the SPS-49(V)8 ADT had potential benefit to the AEGIS Weapon System.  TSC performed analysis on data collected on-board the CG-64 and co-wrote the final report with NRL.  TSC performed testing of an upgraded software build of the SPS-49(V)8 ADT at Wallops Island and generated a report describing the results. 

TSC participated in the SPS-49(V)5 air surveillance radar system development.  TSC participated in the systems engineering program reviews and reviewed all available technical documentation as it pertained to performance related (V)5 production improvement issues.  TSC participated in all performance verification, environmental qualification, and reliability testing of the (V)5.