Live Fire Test Simulator Fact Sheet

Light Weight Counter Mortar (LCMR)

TSC is a long-time supplier of radar expertise, hardware stimulators and software tools to the Firefinder community, developed and demonstrated a Live Fire Test Simulator (LFTS, shown below) installed in an anechoic chamber at Tobyhanna Army Depot. TSC developed the LFTS for the Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar (LCMR). PM Radars held a ribbon cutting ceremony for this latest TSC product in May of 2008. This simulator largely replaces the expensive live fire testing at Yuma Proving Ground.

Live Fire Test Simulator (LFTS)
Live Fire Test Simulator (LFTS)

TSC has also built an Engineering Demonstration Model (EDM) version of an electronic array (rather than a mechanical slide) for the target elevation simulation of the LFTS.  The electronic array, ruggedized for all weather use, allows economic outdoor testing of the LCMR, both current and future versions.  This testing could take place at Forward Repair Areas, at other depots, or during factory development, testing or repair activities.

For more information please download the LFTS Fact Sheet (PDF)