IR/UV Radiometer System Fact Sheet

Open-Air Multiband Infrared Radiometer System Fact Sheet

IR/UV Radiometer Systems

TSC developed a Multiband Infrared Radiometer System (MIRS) for open-air verification and validation (V&V) of infrared simulators and sources. The MIRS is turnkey, affordable, and largely COTS-based, and has been designed for reliable and practical operation in stressing environments. Multiple mid-wave infrared (MWIR) detector channels are configured in a single radiometer head, which is mounted on a mast system to facilitate source pointing and characterization at distance. Radiometer signals are digitized in the radiometer head allowing cable lengths of up to 200 feet to the Data Acquisition Unit (DAU). Cooling for the radiometer head is provided by a Vortex Cooler Unit, which operates on dry compressed air. An RF link capability allows remote operation and configuration of the MIRS as well as local display of real-time radiometer data. The system has the following features:

radiometer system
Laboratory System IR/UV Radiometer Heads

The radiometer system consists of a portable PC-based Data Acquisition Unit (DAU), a Power/Data Interface Unit (PDIU), a multi-channel Radiometer Head, a Vortex Cooler Unit (VCU) and related Air Dryer and Flow Meter units. A system diagram is shown below. The radiometer head contains the detectors and digitizing electronics. The HgCdTe detectors are DC-coupled and have low 1/f noise, making them ideal for low-frequency signal monitoring, while the 100 kHz sampling rate and 10 kHz electronics bandwidth allow high-frequency signal components, e.g., spikes to be observed (> 1 msec time resolution). The PDIU provides power to the radiometer head and interfaces the digital data from one or more radiometer heads to the DAU. The DAU acquires, stores, and graphically displays the radiometer data. Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) is used for all data cables.

For more information please download the following fact sheets:
IR/UV Radiometer System Fact Sheet (PDF)
Open-Air Multiband Infrared Radiometer System (PDF)