Infrared/Ultraviolet Simulators and Related Systems Fact Sheet

video IR Target Array Simulator Demo

IR Simulator and Target Array

Infrared and ultraviolet missile warning sensors and infrared directional infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) are being deployed on United States and allied aircraft to protect against surface-to-air and air-to-air missile threats.  Systematic test and evaluation (T&E) of these electronic warfare systems is required at all levels, including hardware-in-the loop (HITL), installed system test facility (ISTF), and open-air range (OAR).  High-fidelity simulations that reproduce the spectral, temporal, and spatial characteristics of threat missile signatures are critical to accomplishing the T&E requirement.  Infrared monitoring systems for evaluating the countermeasures performance are also required.

TSC has developed and demonstrated infrared and ultraviolet missile signature simulators, DIRCM monitors, and related components for HITL, ISTF, and OAR applications.  The OAR IR Simulator and Target Array (ISTAR) system was developed for the Electronic Combat Range at China Lake Naval Base.  The IR Simulator consists of ten trailer-based liquid-propane flame sources that are configured and sequentially operated to simulate surface-to-air missile signatures.  Target or detector arrays are mounted in front of the sources for declaration and monitoring of the DIRCM beam and verification of the DIRCM waveform.  Infrared bands I, II, and IV are monitored simultaneously at a 100 kHz sampling rate, with real-time data processing utilizing state-of-the-art Field Programmable Gate Array technology.  The IR Simulator sources are remotely controlled via an RF modem communication system (2 km range).

Infrared Source Trailer

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