IR/UV Capability

TSC provides infrared/ultraviolet (IR/UV) systems engineering, modeling and simulation, and hardware development for government, commercial, and foreign customers. The IR/UV line of business conceptualizes, develops and integrates real-time computer-controlled infrared/ultraviolet simulator/stimulator and monitoring systems. TSC has a fundamental understanding of IR/UV sensor technology, system requirements, system design, prototyping, development, and testing.


Aircraft Survivability Equipment Test and Evaluation
IR/UV simulator and detector array systems and products

Sensor Modeling & Simulation Solutions
IR, hyperspectral, and radar simulation products

Fact Sheets

DIRCM Monitor System Fact Sheet
A DIRCM Monitor System for indoor and flightline test and evaluation of DIRCM systems.

Portable Target Array System Fact Sheet
A low-cost system for assessing DIRCM performance in three mid-wave IR bands.

Infrared/Ultraviolet Simulators and Related Systems Fact Sheet
IR/UV missile signature simulators, DIRCM monitors, and related components for HITL, ISTF, and OAR applications.

Hyperspectral Sensor Simulation Fact Sheet
A physics-based high-fidelity thermal IR multispectral/hyperspectral sensor simulation.

RealIR Fact Sheet
A toolkit for real-time thermal IR sensor simulation.

Hostile Fire Indicator Test System Fact Sheet
A high-speed infrared source and radiometer system that supports the Hostile Fire Indicator test and evaluation requirements.

IR/UV Radiometer System Fact Sheet
A tool for radiometric measurement and monitoring of IR/UV sources and simulations.

Open-Air Multiband Infrared Radiometer System
A Multiband Infrared Radiometer System for open-air verification and validation of infrared simulators and sources.