Hostile Fire Indicator Test System Fact Sheet

Hostile Fire Indicator Test System

The Hostile Fire Indicator Test System, or HFITS, is a portable open-air range (OAR) infrared source (omni-directional) that can simultaneously simulate multiple ground-fire signatures.  Ground truth is performed with an integrated infrared radiometer system.

HFITS Infrared Source

The HFITS infrared source consists of computer-controlled propane torches mounted on a portable and self-contained cart.  Individual torch control provides temporal and radiant intensity modulation.  Signal bursts down to 40 msec (FWHM) can be produced at repetition rates up to 20 Hz.  Radiant intensity levels exceeding 300 W/sr can be produced in the infrared band of interest to missile warning systems.

The HFITS infrared radiometer is used to monitor the simulated HFITS signatures.  The radiometer detector head utilizes a mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) mid-IR detector that is DC-coupled, allowing monitoring of slowly changing signatures.  The MCT detector is thermo-electrically (TE) cooled and features fast response and low drift.  Analog-to-digital conversion is performed in the detector head at a 30 kHz rate.  The electronics bandwidth is 10 kHz.  Multiple detector heads can be configured for simultaneous monitoring in several infrared bands.

For more information please download the HFI Test System Fact Sheet (PDF)