Infrared/Ultraviolet Simulators and Related Systems

Hardware-in-the-Loop Image Generation & Projection

TSC has developed a computer-controlled multi-color filter system for the HITL IR Simulation at the Air Force Electronic Warfare Evaluation Simulator facility in Fort Worth, Texas. Modern IR sensors discriminate targets or threat sources against backgrounds or non-threat sources by examining the spectral content of the received IR power in multiple IR bands.

The multi-color filter system is used to dynamically shape the spectral output of xenon lamps used to simulate aircraft and countermeasures signatures. The filter system is motorized under computer control to allow remote dynamic control of the IR source spectral characteristics. This is an important feature for realistically simulating the spectral characteristics of targets as the sensor views them at different angles. A total of sixteen (16) multi-color filter systems were delivered to the Air Force.

For more information please download Infrared/Ultraviolet Simulators and Related Systems Fact Sheet (PDF).