Dual-Band Animal Radar Signatures Fact Sheet

Simultaneous Dual-Band Radar Signature Collection of Animals and Humans

TSC has developed a unique dual-band UHF/X-band system for the collection of animal and human radar signatures. It has been used to generate a signature database of exotic and domesticated animals, and it is available for additional data collection.

The hardware consists of UHF and X-band radars, a data recorder, and two optical video cameras. The cameras are used to record front and side view footage of the targets simultaneously with the radars, so that signature features can be correlated with target anatomy and locomotion. System highlights include:

  • Co-located UHF and X-band radar antennas
  • Range resolution of 10 cm X-band; 3.45 m UHF
  • Dual-view HD video camera recording
  • Synchronization and time tagging of all radar/video data
  • Portable and self-contained; can be powered by generator
  • Low-clutter environments available; high SNR signatures
  • Availability of virtually any species of interest engaging in wide variety of natural movements

Dual-Band Signature Collection Hardware in the Field

The pulse data from both radars is recorded in raw (I,Q) form, allowing offline user-definable processing to be utilized for extraction of selected features. A variety of environments is available for data collections, including low-clutter flatlands, and forest or jungle-like habitats. Additionally, elevation angle diversity can be achieved. The animal subjects can be measured individually and in groups, and while undergoing a full range of natural motions, such as grazing, walking, trotting, galloping, and dust bathing. Other moving targets, including humans, ground vehicles, and low-flying aircraft, are also possible subjects.

For more information please download the Dual-Band Animal Radar Signatures Fact Sheet (PDF)