Portable Target Array System Fact Sheet

DIRCM Monitor System Fact Sheet

Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM) Test Systems

Test and evaluation (T&E) of Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE) missile warning and countermeasure systems is essential for verifying and optimizing ASE system performance.  Specialized test equipment is required to evaluate the performance of ASE DIRCM systems.  DIRCM pointing accuracy and jitter, energy on target (EOT), and target acquisition time (slew and track initiation) must be systematically assessed.  The DIRCM waveform must also be verified.

PTA Detector Box

TSC’s low-cost open-air Portable Target Array (PTA) system can be readily fielded and operated to assess DIRCM performance in three mid-wave IR bands (typically bands I, II, and IV).  The system consists of five (5) multi-channel detector boxes, a power supply/cable interface unit, and the PTA System Controller, which features a LabVIEW GUI.  A Target Array Data Processing Tool (TADPT), hosted on the system controller, is available for post-run analysis of the target array data and display of the DIRCM performance.

DIRCM Monitor Head

TSC’s DIRCM Monitor System (DMS) was built for T&E of DIRCM systems at an Installed System Test Facility (ISTF).  The DMS is based on a DIRCM test system developed for the U.S. Navy Air Combat Environment Test and Evaluation Facility (ACETEF), Patuxent River.  The DIRCM Monitor System consists of Infrared Source and DIRCM Monitor subsystems integrated into a DIRCM Monitor Head, a PC-based DMS Controller, and a QCL Power Supply/Controller for operating the 1 W mid-wave infrared (MWIR) Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) used in the Infrared Source.  The Infrared Source simulates missile plume temporal signatures with a 1 kHz update rate to the DIRCM system under test, and the DIRCM Monitor, which consists of a cruciform array of eight lead-selenide (PbSe) detector packages, records the DIRCM response.

For more information please download the following fact sheets:

Portable Target Array System Fact Sheet (PDF)

DIRCM Monitor System Fact Sheet (PDF)