Advanced Sensor Concepts

One of TSC’s core capabilities is performing research and development of advanced sensor concepts.  This work includes the analysis and modeling of innovative radar systems to predict performance, assess effectiveness and analyze design issues. These advanced sensor studies often lead to proof-of-concept hardware demonstrations involving prototypes, bread/brass board systems, and test support systems. TSC also provides support to major sensor/weapon systems developers and production programs.

TSC has developed numerous advanced sensor concepts under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.  TSC is very successful in winning and executing SBIR projects with an overall win percentage of ~40% for Phase I and Phase II programs combined and cumulative SBIR sales of over $44M since 1993. These projects are important to TSC in that they supplement our IRAD investments and enhance relations with many of our customers.

TSC has consistently provided limited production capability for prototypes and demonstration systems. We have developed test beds for radar, electronic warfare receivers, and infrared/ ultraviolet stimulators. TSC produces microwave test equipment and radar simulators. With the acquisition of Phase IV Systems, Inc. in 2004, our RF equipment and electronic system production capabilities have greatly expanded.