AN/TPQ-37 Reliability Maintainability Improvement

TSC reengineered two major components of the AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder Radar to eliminate obsolescence issues. The AN/TPQ-37 Radar is a precision weapon detection and location system designed to find enemy artillery, mortar and rocket firing positions. We manufactured two key components of the RMI program: the Transmitter Control Unit (TCU) and the Power Amplifier Module Interface Card (PIC). TSC was awarded this program in FY 09.  In FY 10, we streamlined volume production to include a run-rate of three TCU’s and 24 PICs per month. As a core element of the Army’s tactical threat detection capabilities, our design capability and flexible vertically integrated manufacturing have made us a leading candidate for receiving additional new business in support of the next generation Sentinel Radar TCU and PIC production. 

Range ModernizationLeveraging the relationship with our prime partner assisted in moving TSC’s Electronics Manufacturing Services to the next level and attracted new customers seeking the attention and dexterity that larger entities cannot provide.  We proved through the AN/TPQ-37 RMI program that we are able to meet the challenges of a major program like Firefinder, and able to contribute to solving challenges of engineering changes.

Our manufacturing capabilities are truly a cornerstone resource with broad appeal to many contractors and government agencies which are discovering that our flexibility, breadth of capabilities and technical expertise make TSC the perfect choice for obsolescence mitigation as well as for new design projects.