Sensors business consists of sensor systems engineering; advanced sensor techniques development; modeling and simulation; and hardware prototyping, production, and test. TSC has acknowledged expertise and significant experience in radar system engineering for the Department of Defense (DoD) and FAA including concept development, design and production support, integration and testing, and deployment support.

This expertise and experience has been provided to major Government programs such as:

  • Engineering support to the Navy’s AEGIS Program in all phases of the AN/SPY-1 radar system's development, production, and lifetime support (TSC’s support includes radar performance assessment and upgrade developments for both forward and back-fit and technology assessment of new capabilities for the AN/SPY-1 including Ballistic Missile Defense, Fire Support, and environmental sensing).

  • Several programs involving developing, simulating, and demonstrating sensor payloads for Unmanned Aerial Systems including our current support for JIEDDO surveillance system demonstrations.

  • Development of IR countermeasures testing capability for aircraft systems at Naval Air Warfare Center Divisions at China Lake, CA and Patuxent River, MD.

  • Support for the development, production, and testing of the new radar systems including the Dual Band Radar System, the Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR), G/ATOR.

  • Reengineering for legacy radar systems such as AN/SPS-49A(V)1 with COTS components and specialized hardware components.

TSC conducts Advanced Sensor Studies and provides Hardware Prototyping through traditional research, exploratory, and advanced development programs. Much of this work is funded through the Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR) and typically involves analysis, modeling, and laboratory testing of advanced technologies and techniques to address critical design issues and to predict performance.  TSC’s advanced sensor studies often lead to the development of proof-of-concept hardware, such as breadboards, brass boards, and prototypes. TSC has a modern, ISO 9000 certified production facility for electronic components, subsystems, and systems. We are currently designing and producing hardware for new and legacy radar, infrared, and electronic warfare support applications.


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