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Reconstruction WorkBench VSTRP SIMDIS

Vehicle Simulation Trajectory Reconstruction (VSTRP)

The Vehicle Simulation & Trajectory Reconstruction Program (VS/TRP) is a powerful simulation tool for modeling ballistic missile, space launch vehicle, and aerodynamic missiles. The software is based on the Modularized Vehicle Simulation (MVS) program, also known as the Trajectory Reconstruction Program (TRP). The VS/TRP software, built on the 45 years of MVS/TRP legacy, is used to conduct missile planning, vehicle simulation and trajectory reconstruction. The program capabilities support both pre-launch mission planning and sensor performance assessment as well as post-event data analysis.

The MVS/TRP application has been continually improved and spirally developed over the past four decades, and is a trusted tool to assess and characterize missile threats and evaluate sensor performance. It is a trusted tool for multi-data fusion and trajectory reconstruction. The updated VS/TRP software provides the legacy capabilities in a persistent, multi-threaded application, and contains a robust framework for customization through the use of dynamically linked libraries.