Operational Space Fact Sheet

Operational Space

Operational SpaceOperational Space activities focus on the rapidly changing industry of responsive space systems and the commoditization of space assets for defense, civil, commercial and international interests.  New ideas for rapid manufacturing and deploying small satellites in quick response to user’s requirements while reducing costs, definitizing mission assurance, and quick deployment, characterize this development and operational environment.  Increased emphasis on government and commercial space cooperation necessitates solid standards, systems engineering tools, and disciplined assembly, integration, test and deployment.  TSC provides and supports all of these capabilities for this expanding segment of the space industry.   

Operational Space Capabilities
ORS logoOur expertise is to provide capabilities to the operational space arena, specifically as it applies to smaller—yet highly capable, spacecraft and the emerging concepts associated with Operationally Responsive Space (ORS).  To many, ORS only means inexpensive and rapid launch to orbit. To us, that is only part of the story. Effective modular payload design concepts pioneered by TSC allow for extremely rapid payload integration from stock components to meet a wide variety of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), communications, and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) mission needs.  Combined with plug-n-play (PnP) spacecraft busses, open space standards compliant interfaces, and responsive spacelift and ranges, this enables extremely stressing 6-day “call-up to orbit” timelines. TSC is transitioning this defense experience to the global civil and commercial space market.

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The operational space business, by necessity, is increasing its use of open standards for space systems and applications as a means of reducing system cost while retaining, or even improving, high levels of mission assurance.  TSC brings internationally known capabilities in the area of open space standards integration to bear on the defense and national security space marketplace.  TSC currently serves on International Standards Organization (ISO) space systems subcommittees and is intimately familiar with open standards processes (e.g., ISO, AIAA ).  We help customers apply open standards to space systems acquis ition and system engineering to save time and money without reducing capabilities.

System Engineering – Model Driven Architectures
Space System Enterprises
TSC supports the space policy and operations community through the development of Enterprise Architectures using a DoDAF 2.0 compliant model-based architecture development toolset called Artisan Studio®.  Using Artisan Studio® and in-depth knowledge of DoD and national security space infrastructures, TSC develops enterprise level architectures to support a number of customers.  These architecture models allow our customers to fully and completely understand their own unique enterprise and also how their enterprise is connected (or how it could connect) with the architectures of other organizations and space entities.  TSC leverages enterprise architecture models and detailed system architectures for specific space systems to rapidly develop accurate and complete Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) that fully describe space systems, their interactions with other related systems, and their integration within larger enterprises.

TSC uses the same Artisan Studio® model driven architecture tools to develop high fidelity system architecture models for specific space systems.  TSC produces and uses System Engineering Modeling Language (SysML) output from these system architecture models to directly support system engineering functions including spacecraft design, integration, assembly, test, and on-orbit operations. 

Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Complex Systems
On the cutting edge of space systems technology, TSC is pioneering the application of a real-time Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to support rapid and cost effective spacecraft assembly, integration and test (AI&T) and greatly enhanced on-orbit autonomous operations.  TSC is working to couple the sIDEreal™ environment, built by SysRand Corporation, to the spacecraft system engineering process to enable rapid assembly, integration, and test (AI&T) and autonomous self-healing capabilities to proactively deal with on-orbit anomalies during on-orbit checkout and throughout the space systems life cycle.  sIDEreal is designed to simultaneously increase mission assurance while reducing overall system costs.

Payload Integration
TSC also provides spacecraft payload systems integration services to our customers.  TSC was the lead integrator for the first ever use of Common Data Link (CDL) from space on AFRL Space Vehicle Directorate’s TacSat-2 program providing a high bandwidth (274 Mbps) downlink for the on-board imagery sensor.  TSC engineered modifications to an aircraft CDL radio from an F-16 reconnaissance pod so that it would work in low earth orbit.  Working both ends of the CDL system, TSC also coordinated with AFRL on required ground station modifications to support direct downlink of imagery data directly into a Defense Common Ground System (DCGS) compliant ground station in theater.

TSC’s space team provides systems engineering support to the ORS Office’s Modular Space Vehicle (MSV) program and specifically works to bridge the gap between standards, system engineering, and the manufacturing line that is Rapid Response Space Works (RRSW).

TSC provides extensive space system engineering expertise to our DoD and National Security Space customers.  We use the same Artisan Studio® model driven architecture tools described above to also develop very high fidelity provides extensive space system engineering expertise to our DoD and National Security Space customers.  TSC contributes to launch of ORS1.

Tools of our Trade:
Artisan Studio®
AtegoTSC has teamed with Atego™ and uses their systems engineering software, Artisan Studio, to build system models that connect spacecraft subsystems allowing detailed analysis and assessment of spacecraft designs.  By using these tools, TSC is able to translate space system standards to deployable spacecraft models and architectures that support the development and deployment of complex spacecraft.  Our space system experts are building the DODAF artifacts that will be used by the ORS office to implement future responsive satellite production activities.

SysRand’s sIDEreal™
sIDErealTSC maintains a close technical and business relationship with SysRand Corporation, the developer of sIDEreal™, an integrated development environment that can be deployed as part of a spacecraft’s microprocessor architectures.  This deployment extends the test bypass infrastructure from the manufacturing and test facilities into space opening the door to advanced on-orbit functionality such as rapid on-orbit checkout, autonomous response to anomalous space craft events, potential repurposing of spacecraft, and on board diagnostics and response.