Information Technology Solutions

TSC’s Information Technology (IT) Services group in Indiana provides widely ranging IT expertise to a diverse group of customers including the US Navy, the National Park Service (NPS), and the City of Bloomington Utilities.

TSC is supporting the Navy’s Open Architecture (OA) initiative through the Naval Surface Warfare Center Division Crane, IN (NSWC Crane). Our tasking provides the Navy with both IT expertise and weapons system development and procurement expertise. TSC supports the NSWC Crane OA Liaison Team as it manages a two-way flow of information between OA working groups and system development teams at NSWC Crane. The OA initiative will dramatically affect the computing technology environment onboard ship over the next decades. TSC is positioned to be integrally involved with this process.

TSC is providing IT services for the Navy’s Advance Seal Delivery System. NSWC Crane is responsible for the battery components on this leading edge system and TSC is supporting NSWC by upgrading the computer systems that monitor these batteries and control charging cycles. This work includes software development as well as hardware and communication protocol engineering.

TSC is supporting the NPS in a multi-year program to field a comprehensive Learning Management System for its workforce. TSC has been involved from the beginning in helping the NPS to analyze system requirements and to choose and field a suitable system. TSC is continuing to support this project as new functionality is added to the system and its usage is expanded throughout the NPS.