TSC has a large and diverse customer base. Most have been our customers for many years. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to all TSC's customers.

Our largest customer is the U.S. Navy. We provide technical support for Navy shipborne Air and Missile Defense radar programs such as the AN/SPY 1 within the AEGIS Combat System, Dual Band Radar, the evolving Air and Missile Defense Radar for the next generation Destroyer Fleet, and legacy rotating radars. We also provide high fidelity simulation tools that help Navy and Industry deliver radar software to the Fleet ahead of schedule and with significantly fewer computer program errors. Our staff is helping solve complex challenges for the new AEGIS Ashore weapons system being deployed across Europe. Additionally, we support several naval labs and warfare centers, including the Naval Surface Warfare Centers in Crane, IN and Dahlgren, VA. Our NRL focus is on spaceflight programs, including the HICO/RAIDS Experiment Payload, Special Sensor Ultraviolet Limb Imager, and WindSat.

Our DoD lab focus includes the Air Force Research Laboratories in Dayton, OH, Albuquerque, NM, and Rome, NY. TSC is providing technical and programmatic support to a large variety of rapid technology insertion programs for AFRL, such as UAS sensor packages for roadside IED detection. Other projects include airborne and spaceborne radar studies and Synthetic Aperture Radar work.

TSC's Marine Corps work includes radar, information technology, and safety assessments. Our Marine Corps efforts include SETA work on the Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR) as well as radar engineering and Information Assurance support to PM Radars. TSC also provides support to the Marine Corps Network Operations Security Center, which covers a spectrum of IT support services. Additionally, we provide IT support to the Command and Control Center of Excellence in maintaining the IT training network infrastructure. We also support the Marine Corps Combat Development Command with development of doctrinal publications related to the family of Unmanned Aerial Systems and provide programmatic support to the Integrated Air and Missile Defense office.

Our Army contracts involve equipment design, development, and testing for multiple Army agencies such as AMRDEC, AMCOM, SMDC, CECOM, and PEO Missiles & Space. We also provide algorithm development, analyses, and radar modeling and siting software to the Army. TSC's Army Programs range from science & technology support to systems development and production. Examples of these varied programs include Semi-Active and Active Seeker development, Lightweight Counter Mortar Radar Live Fire Test Set, missile communications link, aircraft survivability equipment, missile target detection device, ground-based MTI omnidirectional radar, inflatable antenna automatic inflation device, arbitrary waveform generator, low cost exciters, and several Synthetic Aperture Radar, Ground Moving Target Indication, and Foliage Penetration processing techniques for Unmanned Aerial System Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance platforms.

The Missile Defense Agency and ballistic missile defense efforts include work related to the Ground Based Missile Defense program (test planning and evaluation related work and modeling and simulation) and AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense support. TSC also performs research and development on ballistic missile target discrimination and track handover for application to radar and infrared sensors.

Commercial work through industry includes software and hardware projects, such as radar test equipment, microwave and processor design and development, and electronic circuit boards and assemblies.

Other Government Customers include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and The National Park Service.







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