About Us

Technology Service Corporation (TSC) is an employee-owned, high-technology company primarily engaged in providing engineering services to the US Government.  These services involve support of systems throughout their life cycles from advanced concept development through operational support.  

TSC has supported Federal Government, commercial, and international customers for over 40 years.  Our Government customers include the US Military Services, Defense Agencies, and the Federal Aviation Administration.  TSC is financially sound with revenues of $116M in FY 12 and a steady annual growth rate.  TSC maintains offices in fourteen locations with 400 employees nationwide.  Many of our contracts involve providing high-technology engineering services in a task order contracting environment.

Core Competencies
Areas of TSC’s strength, and where we strive to maintain leadership, are: 

Professional Staff
Our technical staff is comprised of degreed engineers, scientists, logisticians, training specialists, information technologists, and other professionals with backgrounds in such disciplines as sensor technology and engineering, system engineering, computer science, modeling and simulation, and logistics.  These professionals have world class technical talents, significant experience in providing systems engineering and technical support services to defense and civil government agencies, and motivation to help our customers achieve their goals as integral parts of a Team.  Over 45% of our technical staff has earned advanced degrees in engineering, mathematics, and the physical sciences.

Business Areas
TSC characterizes its business in three major areas where we have unique expertise, technical competence and solid experience: Sensors, Decision Support Systems, Weapons Systems, and Technical Foundation. Please click on the links to these areas for details of our work and projects supported.